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 Plymouth city transport preservation group is a enthusiast group dedicated to restoring what we feel are historically important public service vehicles from the Plymouth area.

 The group own 3 vehicles, PLAXTON POINTER BODIED VOLVO B6 M52 HOD  which is used as the groups sales and control bus

, MERCEDES BEAVER 709D  N283 PDV, and Dennis Dart K105 SFJ 

Within the group, privately owned vehicles we have 6 Leyland Atlanteans ranging from the very earliest models 1962 through to the last Leyland Atlantean delivered new to Plymouth city transport in 1981. Also we have VOLVO B6 M53 HOD representing the more modern image of Plymouth Citybus

 We are an open to all group who encourage the membership to be involved in the up keep of all the buses we have at our disposal.


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