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      and some other things from November 1978

 The recent burst water main at Crownhill wasn't the first time this has happened. In November 1978 a similar incident just north of the old Manadon roundabout. Traffic was diverted up the old Tavistock Rd while repairs were made. One thing obvious is the amount of traffic back then, hardly had any impact on service times. Compared to this years diversions along St Peters Rd and Crownhill Rd where I can vouch were at times taking 45mins!!

 In the photos we see how the old roundabout was before 1980 and the building of the A38 "Parkway" interchange. Widey Lodge and woods are seen where the A38 is now.

Leyland Atlantean AN68 LTK100R 100 is seen entering Tavistock rd on service 40 to Southway, PDR2 245 MCO245H on service 12 to Crownhill, West Pk, St Budeaux, Leyland National 65 WDR665M having come from Outland Rd heading towards Bowden cross and Fort Austin, and Atlantean AN68 112 OCO112S on service 44 to Whitleigh. At that point it was less than a year old.  

Manadon Junction road repairs.jpg

Elsewhere in Plymouth Nov 1978, P.C.T were trialling a Volvo Ailsa SSN247S from the Dundee Tayside fleet. It is seen descending Efford lane on service 47 to Durnford St, one of the usual demonstration routes.

However PCT was suffering a vehicle shortage due to a lack of maintenance staff in the "winter of discontent" leading to this unusual front engined double decker being used on service 1/2 Devonport/Peverell circular, 8/9 Lower Compton, Efford, Laira circular, 17 to Bridwell Rd, 43/44 Ernesettle/ Whitleigh and even Dockyard special 9D.  Also photographed that day in Laira was Atlantean 103 LTK103R passing the Old Road Inn. AN68 81 GDR206N seen at Laira roundabout, the terminus of the long 27/27A which eventually end up in the City centre via Devonport, St Budeaux, Crownhill and Eggbuckland.    

Tayside 247.jpg

 To help with the vehicle shortage, PCT hired in buses from other operators, a very unusual decision. Seven Swindon Thamesdown Transport 7' 6" wide Leyland PD2s with Weyman bodies 125/7/8 (125/7/8AHR) and four Daimler Fleetlines  152-155 (SWR152/155J) with Northern counties dual door bodies and fitted with destination blind taken from withdrawn Leyland Nationals. Most worked specials or crew operated services, but 153/154 were fitted with Setright ticket machine motors and coin vaults to be used on route 10/11 HMS Drake circular. 154 is seen on route 11 in Royal Parade. PD2 125 is seen on Layover opposite Bretonside bus station with blind set for 4 Prince rock, alongside PDR1 214 FJY914E. These PD2s were the fist half cab rear platform buses to run in Plymouth for 4 years apart from 358 Sir Francis Drake, and were thought to have a good turn of speed by staff. 

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